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Department Chairs

For more information about Optum’s department chairs, view their full profiles.


Chair – David J. Resnick, MD FAAAAI

Chair – Mark Weinstein, MD

Chair – David Lewis Wertheim, MD, Vice Chair – Steven Jay Weiss, MD


Chair – Rafael Axen, MD, Vice Chair – Robert Rauch, MD

Chair – Cory Baker, MD, Vice Chair –  Sharyn Sokol, MD


Chair – Richard Keating, MD FACC

Chair – Jaffar Raza, MD


Chair – Laurie J. Levine, MD

Chair –  Mark Lichtenberg, MD

Chair – Ross S. Levy, MD FAAD

Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology) 

Chair – Shari Reitzen-Bastidas, MD

Chair – Kenneth Anthony Scioscia, MD

Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)/Plastic Surgery 

Chair – Jeffrey Keller, MD FACS FAAP

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Chair – Eric A. Rudin, MD 

Family Medicine

Regional Medical Director – Elizabeth August, MD

Chair – Vincent Savath, MD

Chair – Marc Schechter, MD


Chair – Louis N. Aurisicchio, MD FACG

Chair – Gagan  Beri, MD


Chair – Rostislav Tabak, MD

Chair – Wellington Veras, MD 

Internal Medicine (Infectious Diseases, Rheumatology, Sleep Medicine and Pulmonology)

Internal Medicine 

Steven M. Goldberg, MD

Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases 

Chair – Nader Moaven, MD

Internal Medicine/Rheumatology

Chair – Ingrid Van Hollebeke, DO, Vice Chair – Jeffrey D. Gross, MD


Chair – Michael Guma, MD

Sleep Medicine and Pulmonology

Chair – Hormoz Ashtyani Asl, MD


Chair – Rina Caprarella, MD 


Chair – Albert Z. Szabo, MD FAAN

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Chair – Christine Herde, MD FACOG, Vice Chair – Jennifer Gannon, MD FACOG

Chair – Decca Mohammed, MD

Chair – Nicholas J. Tarricone, MD


Chair – Francisco Antonio Garcia-Moreno, MD

Chair – Jeffrey L. Halaas, MD PhD 


Chair – Brett Bielory, MD

Chair – Michael L. Cohen, MD FAAO

Vice Chair – Adam J. Flug, MD


Chair – Bryan Char-Hoa Ding, MD

Chair –  Paul Rothenberg, MD

Orthopedic Surgery/Pain Management 

Chair –Evan H. Karas, MD FAAOS, Vice Chair – Barry I. Krosser, MD FAAOS


Chair – Lawrence Tsao, MD


Regional Medical Director – Bruno Basil, MD

Chair – Jay Berger, MD, Vice Chair – Lisa A. Forgione, MD and Carl A. Soranno, MD 

Pediatrics/Pediatric Gastroenterology, Peds Endocrine, and Peds Neurology

Chair –Jill Brodsky, MD FAAP, Vice Chair – Diane M. Cicatello, MD FAAP


Chair – Bahar Hadjiesmaeiloo, MD 


Chair – Eric J. Abrams, MD

Chair – John J. Oricchio, DPM FACFS

Chair – Joseph A. Larsen, MD 


Chair – Isamettin A. Aral, MD

Chair – Virna Lisi-DeMartino, MD, Vice Chair – Vikash Panghaal, MD, MBA


Chair – Dan Reiner, MD

Surgery/Breast Surgery/Urology 

Chair – Lyda E. Rojas Carroll, MD FACS

Urgent Care

Chair – Daniel M. Rothberg, MD


Chair – Jeffrey Howard Lumerman, MD, Vice Chair –  Gary Scott Oshinsky, MD

Chair – Sean Egan, MD