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Our board-certified physicians in internal medicine and family medicine are specially trained to meet the health and psychosocial needs of seniors. Trained to address the complex chronic and acute health conditions that come later in life, our providers work together, bringing a personal, multidisciplinary approach to care.


Free annual wellness visits through Medicare

Annual well visits are more important than ever before. We strongly encourage seniors to schedule an annual wellness visit. This is not a physical exam, but a one-on-one discussion that is covered by Medicare to discuss preventive care.

During your visit, your health care team will:

Learn more about Medicare’s annual wellness visit (AWV) ›

This is a free service provided through Medicare to improve your health, prevent disease, and maximize your wellness, so you can keep doing what you love to do.

Learn about our Care Coordination Program

Our Care Coordination Program was designed to help you develop the skills, knowledge and a plan to improve your health and quality of life. With support from a specialized care coordinator, you can manage your injury or illness in a way that lets you live more freely and feel well-taken care of.

Learn more about our Care Coordination Program ›

Get ahead of future needs with Advance Directives

Advance directives document your wishes about medical care to your loved ones and health team when you become unable to speak for yourself. Creating clear instructions ahead of time ensures your wishes are respected during a medical crisis or end-of-life care. A written document also eases the burden of decision-making from loved ones, who may be unaware of or disagree with your wishes or with each other.

Your advance directives will include at least one of the following:

  • Living will: This document describes your preferences regarding pain management, invasive surgery, artificial life support, organ or tissue donation, dementia care and more.
  • Health care proxy: A health care proxy, also known as a power of attorney, is a person you trust who will make health care decisions on your behalf for situations not covered in your living will. Talk to this trusted person about your wishes in advance.
  • Do not resuscitate (DNR) instructions: This form instructs your health care team not to perform CPR and other life-saving measures if your heart stops beating. The document can be added to your medical record.
  • Life-sustaining treatment: The forms Medical Orders for Life-saving Treatment (for New York patients) and Practitioner Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)are intended for patients with serious health conditions who want to avoid or receive any or all life-sustaining treatment.

Insurance tailored for seniors

Some of us have had the same insurance plan for decades, but just like your health care needs change with age, so do your insurance needs. We’re here to help make sure you are taking full advantage of your insurance options, so you can be covered as best as possible for the future.

Have you enrolled in Medicare?

Medicare is a national health insurance program administered by the federal government for people 65 or older, as well as some younger people with disabilities, or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

  • Medicare Part A provides coverage for inpatient hospital fees, skilled nursing in certain cases and hospice services.
  • Medicare Part B provides coverage for outpatient care by doctors and other advanced practice professionals, doctor visits when you are in the hospital, preventive services (including most vaccines), ambulance services, most drugs administered by health care providers (such as cancer therapy drugs), kidney dialysis and durable medical equipment.
  • Optional Medicare Supplement insurance is also available and can help cover some out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare.
  • Medicare Part D coverage is optional (but for most people necessary) for a monthly premium and helps cover your prescription medication costs.
  • Medicare Part C (also called Managed Medicare or Medicare Advantage) are programs administered by private insurance companies and are alternatives to Medicare Parts A and B. They may also include prescription drug coverage otherwise covered by a Medicare Part D policy.

Learn more about Medicare ›

Have you enrolled in long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance covers care generally not covered by private health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. It helps cover the cost of nursing-home care, care in an assisted-living facility and home-care services. If you are considering long-term care insurance, we recommend speaking to a financial advisor to see if long-term care makes sense for you.

Immunizations for seniors

Age and the conditions we acquire in our lifetime have a great impact on our immune system. That’s why it’s important to keep up with regular immunizations and take advantage of immunizations that are especially recommended for aging patients.

If you have an ongoing health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, getting immunized is especially important. The guidelines below are identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as the best way to prevent serious illness.

Learn more about recommended vaccinations for seniors ›

Medical care and help

Whether you are battling a challenging condition or illness, or getting prepared for your next stages of care, your primary care physician is ready to guide you through everything Optum has to offer. From physical therapy to care coordinators and wellness programs, talk to your doctor about your needs.

To find a specialist, visit our Providers page.

Contact us if you have any questions.