Important Alerts
Office and Urgent Care Closures

Cardiology-Jersey City is temporarily closed, while Cardiology-Newark is closed permanently.

The Croton-on-Hudson lab and the Patterson lab are temporarily closed until further notice.


Memorial Day holiday hours – only select Optum Urgent Care locations and specialty locations will be open.

To make an appointment with former CareMount Women’s Health, please call the office directly. Online scheduling has been temporarily suspended.

Optum Medical Care, P.C. (formerly CareMount) has upgraded our billing system to ensure that you have a simple, clear and convenient payment experience. Download our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.

Effective Tuesday, February 20, 2024, changes have been made to the New York flu clinic hours and locations. Please check the webpage for the most up-to-date information.  

Recording/Photography Not Permitted on Premises

COVID-19 Information and Updates

The new COVID-19 vaccine is available at our clinics.

Please note available supply below:

– Supply is limited as we receive weekly deliveries.
– Moderna is available for children and adults (ages 6 months and up)

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Optum Medical Care, P.C., formerly CareMount Medical, patient portal

Optum Medical Care, P.C. patient portal formerly CareMount Medical

Security Update

Please be advised there will be a security update coming soon to the Patient Portal. This change will further protect your health care information. To streamline this process, please verify or update your mobile phone number in the personal information section of your patient portal. More details and instructions will be shared soon.

Your connection to wellness

Health care should always be as accessible as possible. So, at Optum, we’ve put all the most important resources to manage your wellness in one convenient place.

The brand new patient portal is now available. Please re-enroll if you have not already done so.

Access patient portal

Our portal is for non-urgent matters only. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911.
We make every effort to respond to portal messages within 48-72 hours.

Portal features

Easy to navigate and available 24/7 so you can:

  • Communicate securely with your provider and health care team
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Manage your child/children’s (up to age 11) medical records
  • Download your test results and medications
  • View your clinical visit summary
  • Obtain health-related educational materials and videos

Patient Portal Help Line

Need assistance with enrollment or to log into the Patient Portal?

Call 1-914-242-1555

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

A friendly patient portal representative can:
  • Help you enroll
  • Assist with username and password
  • Help you navigate the features of the portal

Frequently asked questions

What is the patient portal?

A patient portal is a personalized, secure website that enables you to manage health care interactions and communicate with your health care providers at any time. This convenient online connection puts you in control of your health care from any web-enabled device.

Why activate your patient portal account?

A patient portal offers several benefits. You can bypass your practice’s call center to manage appointments, request prescriptions or directly communicate to your health care team. You can also view your health records, access visit summaries and other documentation.

What kind of records will I have access to through the patient portal?

You’ll have access to lab and test results, visit summaries, visit attachments, immunization records, medications, appointment history and any other information your care team has made available for you to view.

How do I request my health records?

  1. Click “Health Record”
  2. The health record summary page opens on the “Clinical Summaries” tab.
  3. Click “Request Consolidated Health Record.”
  4. The “Request Updated Health Records” page opens.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To get a personal health record for a specific time period, enter the “From” and “To” dates.
    • To get a consolidated personal health record, select the “Request complete record” checkbox.
  6. Click “Request Record” and a message appears indicating that the request is being processed by the practice.

What can I do with my health records?

You can easily review, download or share your health records with other providers.

How to understand my health records

  • Demographic information: Information obtained by Optum when you registered as a patient
  • Medications: A list of active or inactive medications
  • Allergies: Any allergy information recorded at the time of your visits
  • Immunizations: List of immunizations/vaccinations
  • Problems: List of reasons for your visit and diagnoses
  • Procedures: Any procedure performed at Optum Medical
  • Results: Any results obtained from laboratory, in-office testing or radiology exams
  • Payer: Insurance carrier
  • Family history: Any family history
  • Social history: Any social history obtained during visit
  • History of present illness: A more detailed description of the reason or history given on the visit
  • Vital signs: Information recorded or other measurements taken during your visit (e.g. height, weight, temperature, head circumference, etc.)
  • Instructions: Any additional instructions given to the patient at time of visit

Who can set up a patient portal account?

If your health care provider offers patient portal access, you can set up a patient portal account. Reach out to your practice to get started.

How do I enroll in the patient portal?

Do it in three easy steps:

  1. Provide a valid email address to your practice. You’ll receive an invitation to enroll.
  2. Create a username and password, then follow onscreen prompts to activate your account.
  3. Use your username and password to securely stay in touch with doctors and access your health information anytime, anywhere.

How do I access my portal once I have created my account?

Once you have enrolled, you can access the patient portal from your practice’s website. The portal is also accessible from your practice’s email notifications.

Can I share access with a spouse or trusted representative?

You can invite trusted representatives to access your patient portal in your “Profile.” If they do not have a patient portal account, they will be prompted to create one. From there, they can toggle between their own account and any accounts that have been shared with them.

  1. Log into your patient portal account.
  2. Click “Account” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Under Trusted Representatives, click “Invite New.”
  4. Carefully read the authorization language, then complete the account details for the trusted representative you wish to invite.
  5. Under “Manage Access,” indicate the level of access you would like your trusted representative to have to the information in your portal.
  6. Click “Send Invitation.” Your trusted representative will then receive an email invitation from [email protected] and can then enroll to access your account.

What devices can I use to access the Patient Portal?

Your patient portal can be accessed through any web-enabled desktop, laptop or mobile device using one of the following supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari (latest 2 versions)
  • Firefox (latest 2 versions)
  • Chrome (latest 2 versions)
  • Mobile Safari (iOS)
  • Mobile Chrome (Android)

How do I contact my care team through my patient portal?

You can easily message a member of your care team through the “Messages” tab. While in your message inbox, you can send a new message and view your care team’s replies.

How do I complete any necessary forms?

Log in to your patient portal account and click the “Health Forms” tab to view and complete your forms.

What do I do if I forgot my username and/or password?

To reset your username and/or password, click “I Forgot My Username and/or Password” located beneath the portal sign-in button. You will then be prompted to answer your security question and reset your password at that time.

I can’t remember the answer to my security question to reset my password?

If you forgot your username and/or password and don’t know the answer to your security question, please reach out to your practice to reset.

What do I do if I didn’t receive an invitation to create my patient portal?

Please reach out to your practice to resend an invitation to enroll.

Is my patient portal secure?

Yes. Your patient portal is HIPAA-compliant, which means your information is securely stored and encrypted.

How do I add a dependent to my account on the portal?

  • Children up to 11 years old: Call the Patient Portal Support Helpline at 914-242-1555 or contact us.
  • Children 12–17 years old: New York State law provides protection of patients who are minors. To request health records of a minor (12-17 years old), parents or guardians need to complete HIPAA Release of Information
  • All adults (18+) who would like to share a Patient Portal must complete and sign the Designation of Personal Representative (DPR) The form can be downloaded, printed and emailed to medical records at [email protected].

Can two parents/guardians link to the same child’s account?

More than one parent can have access to their child’s information. For example, divorced parents will have their own access to view their child’s portal account.

How do I access my linked dependent’s account on the portal?

Once logged in, you can toggle between your account and dependent’s account using the icon in the very top right-hand corner (circle with a letter inside). The letter shown indicates the first initial of the first name of the account that you are viewing.

Please note: when your dependent reaches 12 years old, your account will automatically become unlinked from theirs, and they are not able to create their own Portal account until they reach age 18, as per New York State regulation.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Need assistance with enrollment or to log into the patient portal? Contact us.